Amy's Gold - An Overview

From  Comes A Pale Horse  by Robert O. Burgess

Illustration by Brenda Helm

Amy's Gold  

  • ISBN: 0-9615504-0-6
  • LCCN: 85-62546
  • ILLUSTRATED by the Author
  • 234 Pages-Hardcover
  • Shrink wrapped
    • Photo by Buffalo Bill Historical Center
      • Cody, Wyoming
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Amy's Gold - An Overview

     The Setting for this work is the landscape of the Rocky Mountains. First its colorful rivers, creeks, branches, forks and headwaters:  Foremost is the Platte River, its North and South branches known simply as the North Platte and South Platte; the Laramie whose confluence with the North Platte sheltered Fort Laramie, early on called Fort William and Fort John; the Sweetwater, that lifeline between the North Platte and South Pass; the Cache la Poudre, home to Fort Collins; the Green or Verde, called the Seeds kee dee, home to the Mountain Men; the Snake; the Gros Ventre; the Wind, known as the Bighorn in its lower reaches; the Hoback; the Missouri; the Three Forks of the Missouri - the Gallatin, the Madison, the Jefferson; the Powder; the Medicine Bow; the Popo Agie; Beaver Creek; Pass Creek; Bitter Creek; Henry's Fork; Black's Fork, home to Fort Bridger; Ham's Fork; Horse Creek; Pacific Creek; Crazy Woman's Creek; Crow Creek, home to Fort D. A. Russell, at Cheyenne City; the Laramie, home to Fort John Buford, later named Fort Sanders; Deer Creek, home to Deer Creek Station, near where Major Twiss had his Indian Agency; Separation Creek, in the Great Divide Basin; Big Sandy; Little Sandy; Weber; Humbolt; Wagonhound Creek.

     The Forts:  Fort Laramie on the North Platte - Laramie; Fort John Buford on Soldier Creek - Big Laramie; Fort Sanders; Fort Halleck on the headwaters of the Medicine Bow; Fort LaClede on Bitter Creek; Fort Bridger on Black's Fork; Fort Supply on Willow Creek near Black's Fork of the Green; Fort D. A. Russell on Crow Creek; Fort Collins on the Cache la Poudre; Fort Reno on Powder River; Fort Phil Kearny on the Bozeman Trail; Fort Kearney in Nebraska Territory; Fort Steele on the North Platte; Fort Leavenworth on the Missouri; Fort Riley on the Kansas; William Bent's New Fort, on the Arkansas - Big Timbers, was renamed Fort Fauntleroy, but again renamed Fort Wise. Virginia's Governor Wise joined the confederacy after shells slammed into Fort Sumter causing  the final name change from Fort Wise to Fort Lyon. Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, in command of Union forces at the battle of Wilson's Creek died while leading the Second Kansas Regiment into battle. Lyon was the first general killed in the Civil War; Near Julesburg in Colorado Territory at the mouth of Lodgepole Creek, Samuel Bancroft's ranch, shored up with thick sod walls became Camp Rankin, later named Fort Sedgwick on the South Platte.

     The Railroads: The Pacific Railroad; The Central Pacific; The Union Pacific; Leland Stanford; Mark Hopkins; C. P. Huntington; Charles Crocker; Major General Grenville Dodge; Jack Casement; Oakes Ames; Oliver Ames; Theodore Judah; Peter Dey; Thomas C. Durant; George Francis Train; Credit Mobilier; Dale Creek Bridge; Sherman Hill; End of track; Hell on wheels.

     The Politics:  Alexander Mackenzie and the Northwest Passage; President Thomas Jefferson; The Louisiana Purchase; Lewis and Clark Expedition; Ashley-Henry beaver hunting expedition; British Northwest Company; Hudson's Bay Company; Wilson Price Hunt; Robert Stuart and John Jacob Astor; Zebulon Pike; Major Stephen Long; Kansas - Nebraska Act; Missouri Compromise; Andrew Henry; Daniel Webster; Jefferson Davis; President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad bill - Railroad Act of 1862 - Congress, with Republican control during the Civil War, voted to build the transcontinental railroad from Omaha, Nebraska Territory to Sacramento in California; President Andrew Johnson; President Millard Fillmore; General Phil Sheridan; General William Tecumseh Sherman; Colonel William S. Harney; Emancipation Proclamation; Thirteenth Amendment; Fourteenth Amendment; Joint Committee on Reconstruction; Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury; Greenback Movement; Dred Scott; Brigham Young; Alfred Cumming; Colonel Albert Sydney Johnston; Colonel Richard Irving Dodge; Colonel William O. Collins, Eleventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry; Grattan Massacre; Fetterman Massacre; Mountain Meadows Massacre; John Charles Fremont; Kit Carson; Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas; Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton.

     The Stage Stations, Pony Express Stations, Transcontinental Telegraph Stations, Towns, Cities, Trails and Sites:  Sweetwater Station; Three Crossing's Station; Platte Bridge Station; Saint Mary's Station; South Pass Station; Burnt Ranch Station; Rocky Ridge Station; Mud Spring's Station; Sulphur Spring's Station; Sage Creek Station; LaClede Station; Fort LaClede Station; Point of Rock's Station; Julesburg; Fremont's Orchard; Denver; Salt Lake City; Omaha; Cheyenne City; Laramie City; Medicine Bow; Rawlins Springs; Sacramento; San Francisco; New Orleans; Saint Louis; Virginia City, Montana; Oregon Trail (Fitzpatrick's, Clyman's Trail); Overland Trail (Ashley's, Fitzpatrick's, Clyman's Trail); Bridger's Pass; Mormon Trail; California Trail; Carson City; Winnemucca; Golconda; Palisade; Wells; The Black Hills; Wind River Mountains; Absarokas; Laramie Mountains; Sherman Hill; Laramie Peak; Isthmus of Panama; Wasatch Mountains; Independence Rock; Split Rock; Echo Canyon; Seminoe Gap; Crook's Gap; Whiskey Gap; Devil's Gate.

     The Indian Nations:  Sioux - Brules, Oglalas, Mineconjous; Cheyennes; Arapahos; Shoshones; Crows; Blackfeet; Gros Ventres; Arikaras; Mandans.

     The Territories:  Dakota Territory; Nebraska Territory; Kansas Territory; Idaho Territory; Utah Territory; Colorado Territory; Wyoming Territory; Montana Territory

Original painting for the frontcover of Comes A Pale Horse by Brenda Helm

I made this Damascus knife from a stack of 1095 and 15n20 steel.

The author and knife maker may be reached at:

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