Survivalist, or The Last Boy Scout

The best rifle ever made is the M1 Garand and the survivalist will keep it close. Also fundamental is a long tang stainless steel knife.

If you've got a couple of cannon, bring 'em along. The eagle just lands where he wants.


Gear ready to go:

H harness with top pack (782 gear, or equivalent, 782 is a Marine term) with wp sack; pistol belt; 2 canteens (WWII vintage) with canvas cover, 2 canteen cups and 1 large spoon; Binoculars; Hatchet with hammer head and large file; Fire starters, fire steel and vaseline soaked cotton balls, lots of 'em, they're light weight; Shovel, (Use as a skillet if necessary) short handle, spade, for frying, baking flat bread, pancakes, bannock, hoe cakes, corn pone, cornbread and the usual diggin'; Full tang knife, high carbon steel is OK, keep it oiled; 2 pocket knives, one with an awl and can opener; Cordage, including 100' paracord and 200 feet of bank line; 3 tarps, light weight, 1-8x10, 2-6x8; All items-wool, wool watch cap, wool scarf, wool sweater, wool gloves, 2 pr. wool socks, 2 blankets (all wool); three sets of skivvies; poly pad; Poncho, poncho liner; leather work gloves; 4 large bandannas; Duct tape; Small stuff sack with clean rags; Medical kit, 5 antibiotics, surgical set with reusable curved sewing needles, latex tubing for drains, (sterilize all stuff by boiling) large spool heavy silk thread, needles, curved and straight; zylocaine, syringes, aspirin, ibuprofon, imodium, ducolax, multiple vitamins, bandages, sterile gauze, Duct tape; DEET mosquito dope; Flashlight, windup, at least two, the gears are cheap and break; Gaiters, wp; 8 pounds food-1# peanut butter, 1# canned bacon, 1# LR high protein cookies (restock, keep fresh) 1# rice, cooked and dehydrated; 1# beans, cooked and dehydrated; 1# flour (for milk gravy), 1# cornmeal, Spice packet with baking powder, soda and salt; 1# sugar, tea, coffee, pdw milk (for gravy)4 oz. bleach; 1 pint light wt. motor oil; Zip lock and heavy trash bags; 6 inch vice grips, fence pliers; screw drivers, changeable heads, one handle; hack saw and blades, make wood saw blades to fit; Compass and watch; OTP with code book, pencils, paper; Large bar soap; towel, wash cloth, razors, toothbrush, nail clippers,; Metal mirror; Gill net; 200' 12# mono, fishhooks-100 asst. sizes; artificial lures including worms and dry flies; 4 -110 Conibears, 2-220 Conibears; 12 snares (3 large for heavy stuff, 1/8 aircraft cable).

Best to have many packs weighing 36 to 45 pounds (45 pounds if you included your loadin' tools wrapped watertight). Each pack should have 300 LR primers, 100 LP primers; 50 Shotgun primers, 2# 4895; 1# Unique; Bullets- 100 '06 (.308), 50 - .45, 50 - .44, 2 # 00 buck; 50 - 12 gauge wads plus re-supply for your carry pack. Included will be 12 # Ammo, 12 # food and 12 to 25 # of misc. Have one heavy contractor bag per pack.

Make a pull cart by welding or bolting 3/4 inch angle iron into a frame about 14" x 26". This will hold 4 - 50 cal ammo cans and other stuff. Use solid, puncture proof bicycle wheels and tires. Make it collapsible with lightweight alluminum for pulling, or pushing. Cover it with tarps. It's a good way to transport your extra rifles. Stay away from crowds.


Red Desert


  Ham's Fork, the Green and Big Sandy Rivers now flow through the ancient bed of Lake Gosiute. Subsequently, the continuing evolution of the mammal groups during the Tertiary Period with its beginning during the Paleocene sixty-five million years ago and ending with the Pliocene five-and-a-half million years ago, saw the appearance of the beaver and the early beginnings of man. Some of the first inhabitants of Wyoming butchered a mammoth southwest of Brownsville over eleven thousand years ago.


"AMY'S GOLD is a wealth of a western; it is rich in epic adventure with an exciting fictional story and accurate historical detail. It's a great book filled with action, romance, colorful characters, and mystery!"

David L. Roberts, Editor, The Medicine Bow Post

A huge tent, erected on a wooden deck with a large neatly lettered sign clear across the twenty-five foot front read, "Brent and Co., Wines and Liquors." Inside, a richly carved bar and back bar with large mirrors dominated the west wall. Tables for gambling jammed its fifty foot length. At least a half-dozen armed men with double barreled shotguns sat on high stools watching every move. Smaller tents with wooden false fronts simply marked, "Saloon" filled any empty spot along the dusty street.

From   Amy's Gold

By Robert O. Burgess

I made this Damascus knife from a stack of 1095 and 15n20 steel. The bolsters are of 440C stainless steel. I engraved the piece using a square graver. The scales are of buffalo horn.

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