From the novel:

Amy's Gold

Principal Characters

AMY STAFFORD   Strong, beautiful, tempered in the heat of a defeated south. Gold was her passion, men her avocation.

HOWARD PRESCOTT   Owner of the Prescott stage and freight line, recent Major of cavalry at Fort Reno, he hauled gold on his wagons from numerous mines near South Pass City.

JEDEDIAH CALDWELL   In Denver to wash the sand out of his beard, he donned buckskins and led his pack horse toward the Platte River after receiving the telegram from his friend.

JIMMY LEE ROBINEAUX   Scout at Fort Laramie. His father had traveled up the Missouri River by keelboat with the Ashley-Henry beaver hunting party. Jimmy lived for adventure.

LILLIAN MONTGOMERY   Headed for Oregon, she got as far as South Pass City.

LT. CLARK SAMPSON   He had a lust for gold.

THE CORPORAL   His experience with the Gatling Gun was limited to one magazine full of .58 caliber slugs.

CHARLES RICHFIELD   He liked silk suits, engraved firearms, Kentucky whiskey, women and poker. In Omaha he received the telegram.

BENNIE'S BUNCH   Bennie was a middle-aged, fat man wearing a tan, felt, narrow brimmed hat with a sloppy rounded crown. His dirty canvas pants, held up with suspenders, hadn't been washed since he bought them. Alfredo, Henry Lee and the goateed man were all part of Bennie's Bunch. The Lieutenant would know Bennie could really pick 'em.

From the novel
Comes A Pale Horse by Robert O. Burgess

Illustrated by Brenda Helm

I made this knife using 154CM steel for the blade and 440C stainless steel for the bolsters. I used a square graver to engrave the bolsters. The scales are of Arizona desert ironwood.

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